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The Worland Gardens

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Worland Gardens by Peter Barber Architects is a row of 3 storey town houses arranged in arcaded terrace along a Victorian Street in Stratford.

The Worland Gardens Building in London

The arches embedded in the southern street facade create an entrance to each house and a sunny spot for people to have a cuppa, a fag, a read, a chat, a barby. A kind of level access Louisiana stoop – blighty style. Inside, the houses have an open living area leading to the back garden. 3 bedrooms and between each house at first floor an inset terrace overlooking  the street. The big arch leads in to a little square at the rear. The building is kind of chunky. A miniature Karl Marxhof according to Cathy Slessor. Shades of de Chirico perhaps. And maybe a touch of Louis ‘brick whisperer’ Khan.

Read also the article „to add value“ by Jay Merrick (architecture correspondent of The Independent) on the blog and in the new POINTS of contact magazine – where he refers to the Worland Gardens.

The Worland Gardens building in London
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