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The Blockpeople Society: Architecture meets pedagogy

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@ images courtesy of kazuya washio design

The fact that architecture can offer added educational value is demonstrated by the cute building block set "The Blockpeople Society", which was created by designer Kazuya Washio. It consists of differently shaped building blocks that, when put together, can form architectural structures. Each of the individual blocks is intended to embody a human being in an extremely abstract form, distinguished among other things by the different (skin) colors in which the building blocks were painted. To further emphasize the human resemblance, the designer gave each of the building blocks small hands and feet with which they can touch or hold – even a small dog is part of the play set. Through this game, it is hoped to cultivate children's imagination and provide an opportunity for them to learn about the diversity of our cultures and society at a young age.

To make the set, Washio uses a 3D printer. Each individual building block is then polished by hand and painted with acrylic paint with a lot of patience and sensitivity.

@ all images courtesy of kazuya washio design
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