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Overcoming gravity through spring loading

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Door handles from FSB boast compelling qualities inside and out. The technically sophisticated bearings beneath their roses, and hence beyond the bounds of design, make for ease of assembly, enduringly fault-free functioning and – and this is where design comes back into its own – visual value-added.

Engineering drawing and picture of FSB door handle

The classic is FSB AGL®, an acronym that has been the measure of all things on doors for decades now. FSB AGL® absorbs the forces exerted when operating lever/lever sets on heavily used doors flexibly and continuously over long periods. The tensile and compressive forces arising are reliably cushioned by means of rubber and metal joints which is taken up by low-friction, maintenance-free, Teflon- coated sliding-bearing bushings. FSB AGL® sets comprise two lever-and-rose sub-units pre-assembled at the works and includes a positive mechanism with a built-in horizontal stop that prevents handles from sagging. The levers in “normal” sets are generally pushed about 2° above their ideal horizontal position by the lock spring. The FSB AGL® positive mechanism offsets this and ensures that the handle always comes to rest at right angles to the door. Which brings us to the visual value-added: beauty facilitated by the right technology.

FSB AGL® for Civic/Commercial buildings

  •  rotatably fixed compensating bearing
  •  low-friction, maintenance-free, Teflon-coated sliding-bearing bushings
  •  assembly and manufacturing tolerances compensated for
  •  positive-locking connection of male and female handles
  •  user category 4/EN 1906
  •  more than 1 million tested operations
  •  positive mechanism B
  •  precision horizontal positioning
  •  effortless screw-fixing owing to adaptor half-set
  •  DIN handing can be altered on site
  • easy, fabricator-friendly assembly
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FSB ASL® guarantees full flexibility coupled with an impressive price/performance ratio. FSB ASL® is supplied as a non-handed set with universal applicability. Its adaptor technology makes it extremely easy and quick to assemble. The combination of steel reinforcement and GFR plastic significantly enhances the bearing’s tensile strength. Rounding off its benefits are a 45° operating angle and a non-directional positive mechanism spring. Over and above the standard variant for door thicknesses of from 39-58 mm, FSB ASL® is also available to order for a far greater range of thicknesses at both ends of the scale (29-98 mm).

FSB ASL® for residential buildings

  •  non-handed
  •  concealed handle bearing
  •  positive mechanism A
  •  all current door-lever handle designs available
  •  bearing rotatably fixed
  •  steel-reinforced base
  •  M5 steel screws
  •  45° angle of operation
  •  rapid assembly
  •  20 mm door-thickness increments
  •  Class 4-certified under EN 1906
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