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On the Surface: Metals in Architecture and Design

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At FSB, we have been working on hand-friendly products for over 140 years. Over the decades, we have built extensive expertise in metalworking and surface finishing, an attention to detail handed down from generation to generation, refined and enhanced.

In our company, traditional handcrafts are just as highly valued as working with modern industrial robots. With this attention to detail, we succeed again and again in raising the bar for surface quality in terms of aesthetics and load-bearing properties.

The form and material are closely tied. As there are typical designs for stainless steel, others present their characteristic, visual and haptic beauty in bronze or matt-black aluminium. There are magnificent examples in the cultural history of door handles. We have selected a few for you – presented in a photo essay by Frankfurt-based author and design expert Barbara Glasner.

FSB publication on surfaces
Door handle FSB 1138, cast aluminium and grey-black thermoplastic, designed by Dieter Rams, 1986 – 1989
Door handle FSB 1035, untreated stainless steel, barrel finished, designed by Heike Falkenberg, 1998
Door handle FSB 1144, rustproof stainless steel, with matt-black PVD coating, designed by Jasper Morrison, 1990
Door handle FSB 1244, jetted aluminium, anodised in medium bronze colour, designed by gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, 2016
Door handle FSB 1250, polished and coated brass, designed by Hartmut Weise, 2017
Push handle in FSB ‘Neoxal’, anodised with brass colour, with a red ‘Trolon’ handle plate, designer unknown, around 1957
Doorknob FSB 0839, natural silver aluminium core, coated in white-green transparent plastic, similar to RAL 6019, designed by Philippe Starck, 1990
Door handle FSB 1082, green aluminium with dark wood grip, designed by FSB, 1982
Door handle, brass with patina, designer unknown, art nouveau, around 1900
Sliding door grip FSB 4265, shell of aluminium, jetted and anodised in black, matt-black bolt, bronze panel with dark patina and waxed, designed by Michael Schmidt, 2020
Door handle FSB 1147, redesign of the ‘Wittgenstein’ door handle, rustproof stainless steel, fine matt brushed, designed by FSB, 1987
Door handle FSB 1102, original aluminium colour, anodised, with multicolour ‘Durohorn’ grip, designed by Alessandro Mendini, 1986

Do you want to know more about our ATTENTION to Detail in door handles, their materials and surfaces? An FSB publication on the topic ‘An der Oberfläche: Metalle in Architektur und Design’ (‘On the Surface: Metals in Architecture and Design’) will be published in November 2020. Write to architektur@fsb.de. We will be happy to send you a copy hot off the presses.

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