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More open space on window profiles with the new FSB plug-in handle

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The FSB acronym is a byword the world over for visually and functionally topquality system solutions for doors and windows – and a lot more besides. Architects and builders’ clients are favourably disposed towards products from Brakel because they see us as having great design expertise and a profound understanding of the requirements of modern Civic/Commercial construction.

FSB handles for aluminium also for timber profiles

FSB is now launching a matchless new plugin handle that finally allows anyone for whom less is more to enjoy the visual allure of plug-in handles. Our slimline model can be fitted not only to aluminium but also to timber profiles, an option that’s new to the market. The window is given more space to unfold its own aesthetic potential in this way. The new FSB plug-in handle aids correct operation of the window by both tactile and acoustic means. The window can be heard and felt to slot into position at 90° intervals when opened, closed and tilted. All FSB window handles fitted with ball catches – and hence also its plug-in handles – are engineered to deliver 25,000 operations/150,000 click-stop events (180° turnandtilt cycles), earning them the highest quality rating of 5/180 under DIN EN 13126-3. This standard defines requirements for window handles that ensure consistent quality and fitness for function over many years.

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FSB also has a new solution on offer for burglarresistant windows, to wit a lock cylinder that can be comfortably operated from the front. It is possible using the lock cylinder to fit a selection of the FSB plug-in handles shown alongside to burglar-resistant windows too. Thus functional add-ons can be executed in the same style and material as your favoured handle! It goes without saying that certification to the RAL quality standard RAL-GZ 607/9 and DIN EN 13126-3 respectively is pending for these solutions too and that they are wholly suitable for burglar-resistant windows of resistance classes RC 1 to RC 6 pursuant to standards DIN EN 1627 to 1630.

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