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Gira E2: New versions of a design classic

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Design classics reflect the spirit of their age while radiating timeless beauty.

Gira E2

With the E2 switch range, Gira created a modern classic: a linear and pared-down design that makes an uncompromisingly clear statement while placing distinctive accents on a wall. There are two new versions: the E2 in stainless steel, together with all the variants in the range which are now also available for flat mounting.

Architects love the range. The Gira E2 has been architects‘ switch of choice since 1998. The only drawback until now has been that the range was only available in shatterproof and UV-resistant thermoplastic. Gira has now responded to the requests of many architects who wanted this design classic to be available in a stainless steel version.

Stainless steel itself is a classic material in modern architecture. With its timeless appearance, it is used on the exterior of buildings as well as in interior design and furnishings. Its practical features are an added bonus, because stainless steel is rustproof, resistant to the effects of weather and heat and naturally antibacterial. Gira translated these advantages into the clear design language of the E2 range. The new stainless steel frames and inserts represent an extension of the System 55 range to include this popular classic material.

Classic design meets classic material: the new stainless steel frames and inserts supplement the existing Gira System 55 range.
Gira E2 Stainless steel
Apart from the conventional mounting type, the Gira E2 range can also be mounted flat on the wall.

The Gira E2 stainless steel range includes switches and socket outlets, electronic components, data and communication technology as well as numerous functions for door communication and for the KNX system. A total of 140 functions can be implemented with Gira E2 in stainless steel – making it the largest stainless steel range on the market. And there is another major benefit. The central stainless steel inserts can also be integrated into the Esprit switch range in classic materials, such as the frames made from white or black glass.

Gira E2
Flat is beautiful. The Gira E2 in its flat-mounted version comes in five material or colour variants: stainless steel, pure white glossy, pure white matt, aluminium (lacquered) and anthracite.
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