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FSB launches Manual 13 Preview

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What’s new from FSB at a glance.

Architects and designers get hands-on:
New handle collections from FSB

FSB feels that decisions for or against a given door handle model always need to be taken bearing the surrounding architecture in mind. A space’s idiom, after all, articulates itself in compressed form in a handle’s design. Either the handle becomes a harmonious part of the whole, or it quite deliberately creates a point of contrast. The very nature of FSB’s discourse with architects indicates just how deeply engrained in the company’s thinking architecture is. Not only do architects preferredly opt for products from Brakel when equipping their buildings with “functional extensions of the human hand”.

In addition, selected beacons of the trade get hands-on themselves with delightful regularity, creating their personal ideal of a door handle for FSB. This is the source of many a noted FSB handle collection constituting “architecture en miniature” in the best sense of the term and reflecting the design approach of their authors in form and function. FSB has 14 new handle ranges for your perusal.


Surface beauty: 
FSB reinvigorates aluminium

FSB has enhanced its processing of aluminium by adopting a mix of manual and industrial methods that allows each of its many door handle designs to be “worked” out of the material to optimum effect – regardless of whether a geometrical classic or a moulded-to-the-hand design by Johannes Potente is involved. To a degree, then, each of our handles in Aluminium is not only “made in Germany” but truly handmade. FSB is revitalising “its” aluminium material with the aid of anodised colours based on refined matt-velvet aluminium finishes whose inimitable sheen and pleasant haptic quality lend them an allure of a kind never before seen.

A conscious attempt to relate to the actual metal is made – “colour” in the sense of “colourful” is out. This is regardless of whether the host surface is highlighted by means of a metallic colour/finish or whether it is to play a more downbeat role – notably in the case of anodised or powder-coated window and facade profiles – as part of a scheme of coordinated shades.

The matt-velvet “Blasted Aluminium Colour Anodised“ finish comes in 5 impressive colours:
0310 Blasted Aluminium Brass Anodised
0410 Blasted Aluminium Bronze Anodised
0510 Blasted Aluminium Medium Bronze Anodised (C33/EURAS)
0710 Blasted Aluminium Dark Bronze Anodised (C34)
0810 Blasted Aluminium Black Anodised (C35/EURAS)


Good looks down to the last detail: 
FSB window handles for narrow profiles 

There is a solid tradition at FSB of refining products whose form and function are already well established and of constantly enhancing their fine detail. The eastern Westphalian makers of system solutions for doors, windows and barrier-free convenience never in the process lose sight of changing architectural requirements. The new FSB window handles with clearly slimmed-down rose dimensions for narrow profiles have been designed in response to a trend championing filigree design-engineering solutions that unobtrusively blend in with the host architecture.


Added benefits, flexibility and value: 
FSB ASL® – the new bearing from FSB

The FSB ASL® bearing again sees FSB setting standards. FSB ASL® is always supplied as a set, can be universally deployed as both a „righthand“ and a „lefthand“ model and can be supplied for doors 29-98 mm thick. The new adaptor technology adopted makes for extremely simple and rapid assembly.

Your benefits at a glance:

– non-handed
– non-handed
– concealed handle shank
– positive mechanism
– operates with all current handle designs
– bearing fixed but free to rotate
– stainless steel-reinforced base
– M5 stainless steel screw fixing
– 45° angle of operation
– rapid assembly
– 20 mm door-thickness increments
– EN 1906 Class 4 certified
– 3 point fixin


Be sure to get one of the first copies hot off the press and learn all about the wide range of new products from FSB. We will gladly assist you with good advice and practical involvement while letting you in on our versatile product palette. Simply email us at pauline.westbomke@fsb.de

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