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FSB: Innovative handle solutions for healthcare buildings

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Less contact – more hygiene

Hygiene is an important topic in all areas of our lives. However, healthcare buildings in particular, such as hospitals, clinics, treatment practices or nursing homes, must meet high hygienic standards. This was already a basic requirement before the current situation, but since the pandemic, the focus on possible sources of infection has become even more important. And the hygienic needs of patients, staff and visitors are also changing and should be taken into account when planning or restructuring facilities. Infection protection in healthcare buildings is therefore more of a priority than ever.

 Hospital interior

Maximum Hygiene with FSB

As a manufacturer of door and window hardware, FSB has taken up this issue and developed innovations that, thanks to great expertise, a great deal of know-how and scientific analyses, can contribute to infection prevention. Although the focus during development was on protection against pathogens, aesthetics were not left out of the picture either. As a result, all FSB solutions for the health + care sector meet not only the highest hygiene standards but also design requirements.

The ergonomic lever handle FSB 1287

Thanks to its angled shape, the ergonomic FSB 1287 lever handle can be operated without hand contact with the forearm. This not only keeps the hands hygienically clean, but also free. This makes it easy to carry food trays or other objects into the room, especially in hospitals. The handle can be operated with equal ease regardless of whether you approach the door from the left or the right. FSB 1287 is predestined for use on high-traffic doors and can also be retrofitted at any time, technical circumstances permitting.

Door handle FSB 1155

The FSB 1155 lever handle can also be operated safely and conveniently with the elbow. The model is the upshot of insights arrived at by FSB in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute during scientific analyses of how a lever handle is operated. As part of the KARMIN project (an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research), the lever handle was even selected for the first infection-preventing patient’s room.

Both stainless steel lever handles are also available with the FSB anti-infection Coating (AIC), which reduces 99.99% of multi-resistant pathogens – for optimum protection against infection.

Bronze door handles themselves have an antimicrobial effect, so germs on bronze surfaces die off more quickly and are effectively reduced due to the high copper content. The material is also particularly wear-resistant and easy to clean. This is why FSB also has a variety of bronze door handles in its product range.

If you have any questions or would like product information, please write to architektur@fsb.de

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