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FSB Brass: Elegant, exclusive, new-age

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Brass is the absolute classic for architectural hardware purposes. FSB has now launched 3 new finishes that allow this classy material to shine forth in new-age gloss/matt – in combination with selected door lever designs and the innovative FSB ASL® bearing.

Brass has been wrongly decried as the “gold of the common people”. It is currently experiencing a renaissance – particularly as skilfully placed accents in upscale housing. Brass fittings are available on the market in a large number of alloys and at a wide range of prices. However, just because something shines like gold does not mean that it is actually made of real brass. Except at FSB: the Brakel-based company uses only the copper zinc alloy CuZn37, which contains approx. 64% copper as defined by the German standard DIN 17 660.

Six finishes and a choice of 14 different door lever models in both classic and modern designs ensure a perfect match for any setting – and taste. The models are available as lever, bathroom and lever/knob sets and can be combined with matching window handles and accessories.

An overview of brass finishes by FSB:

Bright Brass Lacquered (FSB 4205)

The traditional FSB 4205 finish – polished bright and sealed with a lacquer coating – can be recommended for infrequently used doors. The lacquer prevents patina forming and lastingly preserves the brass’s original glossy brilliance.

Bright Brass Waxed (FSB 4305)

FSB 4305 is a finish that polishes itself through daily use. Any parts that remain untouched take on a natural patina depending upon environmental conditions and where they are mounted.

Brushed Satin Brass Lacquered (FSB 4204)

Matt is in: brass in its natural colour also comes in a matt Brushed Satin finish (FSB 4204). An added lacquer coating protects and brings out its finely brushed texture.

Brushed Satin Brass Waxed (FSB 4306)

Those who would like to combine a matt Brushed Satin finish with the aesthetic appeal of a patinated surface should choose FSB 4306. The matt finish shines with the same characteristics as a waxed surface. The same is true for the finishes FSB 4305 and FSB 4684.

Brass Dark Patinated Waxed (FSB 4684)

The surface of brass is subjected to special treatment to anticipate the natural process of patination “at the works” and thus create the uniformly classy finish that is FSB 4684. Day-to-day use then makes each and every product unique.

Bright Brass Chromium-Plated (FSB 4705)

Chromium-plating yields a wear and corrosion-resistant surface that is easy to clean. The uniquely cool colour of the FSB 4705 finish, which is sold in select stores, blends perfectly with modern interiors. Special prominence is lent to the styling of the FSB door lever design.

More details on www.fsb.de/newbrass.

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