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FSB 1242 by John Pawson

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FSB Product series 1242 by John Pawson

British architect John Pawson adeptly varies the design vocabulary of a familiar modernist door handle – the “Reich Form” handle by Hans Poelzig – and breathes new life into it with his FSB 1242 design in stylish bronze.

FSB: Architects and designers get hands-on FSB feels that decisions for or against a given door handle model always need to be taken bearing the surrounding architecture in mind. A space’s idiom, after all, articulates itself in compressed form in a handle’s design. Either the handle becomes a harmonious part of the whole, or it quite deliberately creates a point of contrast. The very nature of FSB’s discourse with architects indicates just how deeply engrained in the company’s thinking architecture is. Not only do architects preferredly opt for products from Brakel when equipping their buildings with “functional extensions of the human hand”. In addition, selected beacons of the trade get hands-on themselves with delightful regularity, creating their personal ideal of a door handle for FSB. This is the source of many a noted FSB handle collection constituting “architecture en miniature” in the best sense of the term and reflecting the design approach of their authors in form and function.

FSB 1242 by John Pawson

FSB Product Series 1242 By John Pawson: LEVER/LEVER SET

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