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Every handle is unique

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FSB believes that door handles should always be chosen in the context of the surrounding architecture.

FSB handles in different surfaces

They must not only reliably fulfil their functional duty, they are also a formal design detail of an overall architectural concept. Their design is a compressed form of the vocabulary of the space itself. They become a harmonious part of the whole – or consciously highlight a formal contradiction. Selected architects and designers regularly lend their creative voices to FSB, and create their personal ideal door openers. The results are widely acclaimed handle ranges embodying “architecture en miniature” in the true meaning of the words, and reflecting their creators’ design approach in form and use. FSB offers developers and architects a range characterised by a consistent yet diverse design philosophy in its form, material and function.

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UNIQUE [#2] or: How individual do you want to be?

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Each door handle has its own individual character and serves both the hand and the surrounding architecture in its own inimitable fashion. At the same time, it is part of a coordinated product range of glass door fittings, handles for framed doors, doorknobs and window handles. It is not just the design concept that determines the quality of a handle, the perfect technical implementation is no less important. To accomplish this goal, man and machine work hand in hand at FSB. Only handles that withstand the critical scrutiny and tactile tests of the final control after the multi-phase manufacturing process leave the plant with the Brakel-based company’s signature, held in high esteem around the world.

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