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We have a handle on materials

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From the very beginning – i.e. for more than 135 years – FSB has been relying on the advantages of aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and brass. Metals radiate a timeless elegance that goes far beyond that of their plastic counterparts.

By combining manual work with industrial manufacturing processes, we have developed metal processing to perfection so as to ‘sculpt’ the designs of our handles from the material in the most effective way. The processes, many of them patented, combine chemical, mechanical and manual production steps to create both a unique manufacturing and surface quality.


At FSB we have an almost century-long tradition of processing aluminium. The resulting wealth of experience guarantees unsurpassed quality, from the molten mass to the finished product. For our fittings, we process exclusively pure virgin alloys according to the DIN 1725 standard. If desired, colour comes into play with powder-coated aluminium. Prior to coating, a special anodic oxidation process is used, followed by electrostatic powder coating. The solvent-free painting process generates colour coating thicknesses of approx. 80 µm.

Door handle model FSB 1035 0105 polished aluminium anodised, natural-coloured

Sanded, anodised aluminium

Our anodised colours are based on velvety, matt-finished aluminium surfaces and have an unprecedented appeal with their very unique shine. The aluminium finishes are sanded with fine steel balls prior to anodising, which gives them a unique surface quality.

Door handle model FSB 1147 8120 aluminium black powder-coated

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an extremely corrosion-resistant material and shows hardly any impact or scratch marks even after extremely hard wear. However, there are different types of stainless steel: ours contains approx. 18% chrome and 8% nickel and is therefore particularly high quality. We recommend stainless steel fittings for all frequently used door and window elements.

Door handle model FSB 1163 6204 stainless steel, fine matt brushed


The typical bronze patina conveys credible ageing and develops a special aesthetic quality, for example in premium-quality residential buildings. We use a copper-tin alloy containing 92% copper and 8% tin, which stands out due to its excellent corrosion resistance, tensile strength and hardness.

Door handle model FSB 1004 0510 sanded aluminium anodised, medium bronze-coloured
Door handle model FSB 1267 7625 dark bronze patinised, waxed


Brass is the classic material for fittings. Brass is currently experiencing a renaissance – especially as a sophisticated highlight in premium-class residential buildings. But not everything that shines like gold is made of solid brass – unless it comes from FSB. We have always offered select fittings made from this valuable material.

Door handle model FSB 1020 4305 brass, polished and waxed
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