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The Remise pavilion: Unconventional instead of standardisation-mad

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An airy outhouse pavilion that combines materials and objectives, existing structure and identity

Christian Burmester

A tractor garage, a firewood storeroom, the beginning of an ensemble. And yet also a summer party room, an open-air workspace and an architectural sculpture. The Wirth Architekten company likes the building’s functional flexibility and the play with materials and also appreciate its situational use and maximum freedom.

“The open-mindedness of our clients has made it possible for us to ignore the run-of-the mill standardisation mania and, together with motivated engineers and artisans, seek solutions of our own instead”.
Jan and Benjamin Wirth, Wirth Architekten, Bremen

The new structure is clearly recognisable as a new building, but takes up the existing building’s materials and structural elements to form a new entity. When approaching the farm on the country road, the first object that comes into view is the cubic shape of the new outhouse pavilion. But once you get nearer, you notice the filigree structure of the building. The walls between the supporting brick pillars are constructed as perforated exposed masonry.

The bricks came from a building in the neighbourhood, which burnt down and the wood came from a dead oak-tree, which was struck by lightning. The clients’ flexibility made it possible to implement this architectural gesture which, like a precious gem, has continued the farm’s architectural tradition. 

Door handle model FSB 1163 in bronze by Hans Kollhoff
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