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Architecture Biennale: Spain – Nordic countries – Poland

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Spain: Unfinished

The Spanish Pavillion with the exhibition „Unfinished“ is the winner of the Golden Lion 2016. It displays the legacies of decades-long financial crisis. Photographs show abandoned buildings and put them in relation to inspiring projects.

The jury described the Biennale contribution as: „concisely curated selection of emerging architects whose work shows how creativity and commitment can transcend material constraints“.

Curators: Carnicero + Quintans
Commissioners: Inaqui Carnicero + Carlos quintans

Spanish Pavillion: exhibition „Unfinished“
Spanish Pavillion: exhibition „Unfinished“
Spanish Pavillion: exhibition „Unfinished“

Nordic Countries: In Therapy

In the middle of the pavilion a kind of wooden staircase is constructed, on which one can put together a personal catalogue. The catalogue presents different Scandinavian housing projects and architecture, which are known for their social impact. The wooden structure can be used by the visitors for reading, for chatting or just for a break „on top“. Lectures will take place here during the whole period of the exhibition.

Curators: David Basulto, James Taylor-Foster
Commissioner: ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design

Pavilion of the Nordic Countries
Pavilion of the Nordic Countries: wooden structure
Pavilion of the Nordic Countries

Poland: Fair Building

The Polish pavilion asks ethical questions concerning the underrepresented players in architecture: the construction workers. They are plagued by poor working conditions, a lack of respect and accidents. The curators created a full-scale construction site inside the pavilion and ask: „Why do buildings not get certificates for fair construction?“

Curators: Dominika Janicka with Martyna Janicka and Michal Gdak
Commissioner: Hanna Wróblewska

Polish pavilion
Polish pavilion
Polish pavilion
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