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Blasted, anodised, revitalised: FSB has perfected aluminium machining in a mix of manual and industrial manufacturing to “carve” the various handle designs optimally from the material. Every aluminium handle is “Made in Germany” (partially by hand), making them hand-picked unique works of art.

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FSB reinvigorates “its” material aluminium with anodised colours, based on aluminium surfaces with a velvety matte finish and a special gloss character and pleasant feel, offering an unprecedented appeal. Technically and functionally, blasting the aluminium surface compresses the surface like the forging process, ensuring that the blasted and anodised aluminium surfaces are more resistant to impacts or scratches than conventionally finished and anodised aluminium.

Perfectly formed

door handle blanks are machined for hours on end in vibrating grinding drums. This is where the accuracy typical for FSB arises: radii and edges are machined delicately using tiny ceramic balls.

Humans and machines hand in hand

Robots grind the geometrical FSB door handle models. More complex forms and freeform surfaces call for the sensitivity of humans: FSB continues to rely on hand-crafting for these processes.

Hydroforming some stainless steel

FSB door handle models are bent from pipe sections.
They are hydraulically shaped through multiple stages –
a technology perfected by FSB for door handle production.

Classics for modernity

The timeless beauty of bronze inspired FSB to produce fittings that accentuate the design through their unique materiality. The copper and tin alloy used by FSB also impresses with outstanding corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and great hardness.

Beauty in use

Bronze fittings grow in charisma over the years as they develop the patina typical of the material.
This patina has a particularly aesthetic appeal and is
testimony to the individual use.

Patina ex works

Bronze fittings are tarnished and then treated using a procedure developed specifically by FSB.
A dip for copper-based metals imitates the material’s natural ageing process – creating the
patina characteristic to bronze.

Aluminium is second nature to FSB

Machining and shaping aluminium has an almost 100-year history at FSB, and is the heart of the company’s material culture. The resulting wealth of experience guarantees unsurpassed quality, from the molten mass to the finished product.

Gravity die casting

Aluminium door handles are cast by hand. At a temperature of 660 degrees Celsius, the light alloy is removed in the ladle and shaped via gravity die casting: The aluminium fills the mould cavity via gravity alone.

Tools for tools as an extension of the hand

A special tool is used for every aluminium door handle model. With roughly 50 different designs, the FSB range stands out with a unique variety – from classics by Johannes Potente to the equally edgy and ergonomic model FSB 1185 by Andreas Heupel.

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